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Do you have a low credit score or find it difficult to get a low interest loan or seek finance due to a too many enquiries?
At CRS we can help you, so you can achieve your financial and personal goals.

Credit enquiries can be listed on a credit report where a consumer makes an enquiry to obtain finance with a credit provider

Enquiries indicate to other creditors what loans/credit you may have applied for, which in turn can negatively impact upon your score or rating. If you have too many enquiries within a short space of time, this can negatively affect your score and ability to obtain finance; particularly enquiries with pay day lenders. 

These are many instances whereby credit enquiries are made by credit providers without your express consent or knowledge of the effects of the same. In certain limited cases, we can assist, for example, if you were a victim of fraud or did not give consent to the credit provider to access your report, especially when applying for finance online.

In cases such as these, we can assist you in having some enquiries removed from your credit report, therefore improving your score and likelihood of obtaining finance.

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Here is what Darren our previous client had to say...

Pasha, Sarah and the team helped me immensely sort out some credit repair issues. They are very professional and responsive. This team go the extra mile and get results at a very competitive price. Highly recommend.


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