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During your free consult we will provide you with a Credit File Assessment & advise you of the likelihood of success AT NO COST.
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Start working on your file, clearing your adverse entries and keep you updated throughout the process.
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We then provide you with a cleared copy of your credit report so you can now achieve your financial and personal goals!

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Bad credit can save you
Goals Interest Rate Monthly Payment 30 Year Savings
Mortgage 8.36% $1,900 $0
Credit Card 22.99% $58 $0
Car Loan 15.11% $697 $0
Personal Loan 210% $1,810 $0
*Assumptions: 30 year period with a $2,000 limit credit card every month; $250,000 mortgage with a 30 year term; four 48 month car loans; two $10,000 personal loans; and insurance every month.

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