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Do you have a low credit score or find it difficult to get a low interest loan or seek finance due to a late repayment history? 
At CRS we can help you, so you can achieve your financial and personal goals.

Credit providers are able to record late or missed payments on your credit file as part repayment history information, this can affect your ability to borrow as you may deemed as a ‘credit risk’. Further emphasise is being placed on late repayment history by credit providers such as banks and lenders drastically affecting credit scores and credit worthiness.

Your repayment history does not include the amount of any missed payment, only the fact that you have made or missed a payment.

We can analyse your situation to determine if there are reasonable grounds for the clearing and amending of the adverse repayment history.   Contact us Today!

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A message from our Principal Solicitor

Here is what Ben our previous client had to say...

I didn’t know what to expect when I engaged CRS but I was quickly impressed with they were so professional, caring and responsive in dealing with my matter. Service and communication was A+, highly recommended to anyone seeking assistance in this area.


If you want to feel satisfied like Ben does, contact us now to get started or call 1300 004 912 for a no-obligation consultation

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