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Partnering with credit repair agencies: the good, the bad and the downright ugly…

If your client has credit problems, it can be disheartening. They might struggle to get approved for a loan, which means you, as their broker, can do a lot of work for no commission. 

But, sometimes, the black marks dragging down your client’s score shouldn’t be on their file. That’s where partnering with a good credit repair agency can help. They can remove these inaccurate listings to get your client’s score back on track. 

But, as in any industry, there are good, bad and dishonest agencies operating in Australia. Partner with the wrong one and it could get very ugly indeed. 

What happens when you: 

  • Partner with a good agency

A quality agency won’t accept every client you send them. That’s because they don’t believe in making unkeepable promises. However, when a good agency takes on a file, their in-depth understanding of Australian credit law will maximise your client’s chances of success. 

And, if your client’s credit problem is solved, it’s more likely you’ll get commission from arranging them a loan in the future.

  • Partner with a bad agency 

Some credit repair agencies are good at making big promises but, unfortunately, typically under-deliver. This can result in an unhappy client – even if their score does slightly improve – so they’ll likely take their loan applications elsewhere

  • Partner with a scam agency 

In the worst-case scenario, you unwittingly send clients to a scam agency that charges hefty upfront fees. Then, when your client pays, they take the money and run – leaving your hard-won reputation in tatters. 

So how do you tell the difference between the good, bad and downright ugly of credit repair? 

A reputable company will: 

  • Be realistic about your client’s chances of success
  • Not make unrealistic promises
  • Be experts in the law 
  • Charge fixed fees 
  • Never ask for upfront fees
  • Measure their timeframes in weeks, not days 

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